The Magnificent (G)Seven

Snowwhite and 7 socks representing the (G7) countries or The Magnificent (g)Seven - topic of the blogOf course few would really call them magnificent. And I wonder how many have concluded that these high-profile meetings among potentates are but occasions for taxpayer-paid and unspeakably luxurious vacations.

Lodgings suitable to gods host opulent guests, while epicurean cooks sharpen with cloyless sauce their appetite, and prepare pantagruelian dinners to solve the problem of poverty. Or rather, multitudes overwhelmed by abject poverty, may observe what is lavished in ostentation, luxury or frolic – for the poor multitudes’ benefit. Continue reading

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Saudi America

a hand where each finger represents a branch of ISIS, illustration for the blog titled Saudi America. Article dealing with the first overseas trip by TrumpAs a European commentator noted recently, it is symbolic that the president of the most advanced democracy in the world makes his first foreign trip to the most feudal among Arab monarchies.

On the other hand, US citizens at large see happening what they vaguely expected, and probably wanted when they voted for Trump. Namely, that the curtain of elitist euphemisms and contrived metaphors masking the lying and the rudeness of previous administrations, would be dropped in favor of greater coarseness of expression and less palpable disguise.

This is apparent even in the body language and voice of (at least some) members of the Cabinet. I think particularly of the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. With his cowboy name, he may not have an Eastwood smile and a Robert Redford hair, but when he begins to speak, it is as if he said, “I am sir Oracle, and when I ope my lips, let no dog bark.” Continue reading

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Douce France

Douce France. Image of a French village, visual accompaniment of the poet lines that open the blog titled "Douce France"“Douce France, cher pays de mon enfance” – so goes the song [Sweet France, dear country of my infancy].
I did not live my childhood in France, but at times I feel as If I did, for I know her well.

I can daydream about a town or village in the “France profonde”, and think of the lines,

“On marche sur un mur de pierres, un petit pont est devant nous
Dessous passe une rivière, couleur de pluie, souffle d’antan”
[Walking on a stone wall, a small bridge ahead
Below a river, the color of rain, the breath of yesteryear]

And all this beyond and besides Paris, the cathedrals, the history, the people, the writers, the painters, the literature, the movies, the artists, “les philosophes” and “la Rive Gauche.” Continue reading

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Trillary’s Victory

a vignette with the script no more wars for a lieThe Western media has launched a volley of sycophantic praise of Trump’s victory in the great American raid on a Syrian airport, which produced new dead, though fewer than what is now routinely accepted as a lugubrious normal.

Nevertheless, it seems that the US has dropped the pretense and decided to intervene directly in the Syrian conflict. A conflict it wanted and prepared, while hiding behind the mask of a civil war. Continue reading

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Newton, 9/11, Russia and the Free-Press

a somewhat coarse but realistic graphic metaphor of the so called free pressThe Pentagon recently released more photos taken in the aftermath of the 9/11 plane crash. They do not clear the doubts of many on the dynamics of the crash against the Pentagon. Nor, as a news item, they displaced – in the combine that conjoins Congress, Senate and the ”free-press” – the current overwhelming interest in Russia’s role in the 2016 US presidential elections. An interest acting as a trigger for a slew of anti-Russian declarations by sundry governmental and military bigwigs. Continue reading

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Plato Among Pundits, a Dialog

Dialog on the Common Good, the Will of the People, the Thought Unique and why Democrats refuse to accept the results of the elections.

I loaded my unimpressive weekly groceries onto the carrier belt and the counter lady said, “A vegetarian, I see.”

“A perspicacious observation and an accurate deduction – I replied. And since you noticed, let me add that vegetarianism is a practice devoutly to be wished, for the health of man and the life of animals. As I left that paradise of comestible choices, I heard a familiar voice calling me. It was Critias, son of Protagoras, whom my twenty-five readers have already met in the blog Basket of Deplorables. He invited me for a coffee at a nearby establishment. Continue reading

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War among Poor

An image of migrants unloaded from a boat in the MediterraneanAfter Berkeley’s war and fitful fever of destructive demonstrations, the mob sleeps well, or so it seems. As equally well sleep the millions who joined the women’s recent ‘spontaneous’ marches worldwide.

These demonstrations (and other similar), are actually atheistic masses, to dupe common sense and satisfy facade rebelliousness or a desire-to-belong. Of the throng who took part in them it can rightly be said that “… if they love they know not why, they hate upon no better a ground.” Continue reading

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Basket of Deplorables

Image of a basket of deplorables, an illustration of an article and dialog by the same title…a dialog with deplorables…

I was walking home after a moderate jog in the park, looking at the barren trees and the boughs where late the sweet birds sang… – thinking ahead about the daffodils that come before the swallows dare…, when I heard a voice calling me. It was Alexis, the son of Callimacus, crossing the street to talk to me.

  • YDS, he said, we haven’t seen you for a while. How are you doing?
  • Like the time of the year between the extremes of hot and cold, neither sad nor happy, I replied.
  • Listen, he said, after we exchanged the customary formalities. There is a new discussion group at the club. We meet after hours two days a week to exchange views and comments on current affairs. A debating society for students who are past their dancing days, if you like. Our friends will be happy to see you, let’s go together.
  • What is the name of the discussion group? I asked.
  • “The Basket of Deplorables,” he replied. We started it when it seemed impossible that the woman whose sole name blisters my tongue could lose the elections. It was our unarmed Platonic rebellion.
  • You know that I prefer to grow old in the company of myself, Alexis, but for you I will make an exception. After all, what are friends, if you never see them?

Continue reading

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Hacking for Dummies

An illistration of the book "Hacking for Dummies", the title of the blog by the same nameAs someone who needs words to understand symbols and images to comprehend concepts, I welcomed, years ago, the advent of instructional books for dummies, that is, for those otherwise excluded from the blessings of knowledge.

Remembrance of things past brings me back to my high school (and college) days. When an instructor at the blackboard, after barely explaining what the first written symbol meant, continued to fill the slate with lengthy strings of other symbols. Meanwhile, trying hopelessly to understand the first, I couldn’t follow any subsequent explanation.

Hence, lost in the swallowing gulf of irredeemable helplessness and blind incomprehension, I continued to Continue reading

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Remembrance of Years Past

A representation of the passing years and sonnet, When I consider everything that grows last in perfection but a little moment...“When I consider everything that grows
Holds in perfection but a little moment,
That this huge stage presenteth nought but shows
Whereon the stars in secret influence comment”.
(SON 15)

Maybe I am in a minority, but I never understood or, rather, never assimilated the idea that that the end of the year should be a time for celebration. Unless the celebration is an exorcism to temporarily forget that the time we have lived through in the past year will never return again. Even the image of the ending year as a decrepit old man leaving us for eternity, to make space for a (temporarily) young new year, is depressing. Continue reading

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