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Saudi America

As a European commentator noted recently, it is symbolic that the president of the most advanced democracy in the world makes his first foreign trip to the most feudal among Arab monarchies. On the other hand, US citizens at large … Continue reading

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War among Poor

After Berkeley’s war and fitful fever of destructive demonstrations, the mob sleeps well, or so it seems. As equally well sleep the millions who joined the women’s recent ‘spontaneous’ marches worldwide. These demonstrations (and other similar), are actually atheistic masses, … Continue reading

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Hacking for Dummies

As someone who needs words to understand symbols and images to comprehend concepts, I welcomed, years ago, the advent of instructional books for dummies, that is, for those otherwise excluded from the blessings of knowledge. Remembrance of things past brings … Continue reading

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Methinks I am a prophet…

No prophet will I trust, if she prove false. (King Henry VI, part 1, act 1, sc. 2)   It’s not even a question of reading “the book of fate and seeing the revolutions of the times…” (1), or of … Continue reading

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