The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

An illustration of one of Shakespeare's most famous quotes on affectationHAMLET. How like you this play?
QUEEN. The lady doth prote
st too much, methinks.” (Hamlet act 3 sc. 2)

Tips for Use. Applicable as a valuation on whoever is affected in manners or speech. Excellent and much more elegant alternative to “He/she is full of it”. An especially effective answer to a request for opinion on an affected person, notably some politician, radio announcers, speakers, parsons and evangelists of all colors, etc. Remember that affectation is often the daughter of insincerity.
The target of the quote does not have necessarily to be a woman, e.g. “The Rick Santorum doth protest too much, methinks.” For international web visitors Rick Santorum is an especially obnoxious Republican presidential candidate.

In the play. Hamlet tests the reaction of the queen his mother to the play within the play. Hamlet has produced and staged it to re-enact the murder of his father the king at the hand of the father’s brother Claudius.

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